Auschwitz, between memory and oblivion


Between 2017 and 2019 I've been documenting the conservation and preservation works in Auschwitz and Birkenau while the last survivors vanish one after another.

In high end labs, conservators and curators from all over the world are constantly trying to keep thousands of  leftover artefacts from the ravages of time. 

2 miles away, in Birkenau, barracks and watchtowers, whose wooden frame or loosened bricks need a fix, are being kept upright, in an attempt to slow down the work of a swampy ground and the consequences of mass tourism on the site.


What becomes of the duty of remembrance in Auschwitz at the beginning of 21st century, where the artefact and the location are supposed to replace the living word of survivors ? 


Auschwitz I and II (Birkenau) were actually two locations among many of the so called Interessengebiet which extended over 40km2What happened to all the others ? If Primo Levi's camp, Auschwitz-Monowitz, disappeared, many other locations still remain. Abandoned and ignored. I decided to look them up, in order to show where the thin red line between memory and oblivion goes.



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